Re: Revmaster R-2100D Turbo high altitude Experience?

Mike Perry


Here are a couple of more data points:

Merle Harper flew a Q2 w/ Revmaster out of Springerville AZ; Altitude 7000 ft and weather like ABQ. I know he set the gross at 1000 lbs and his empty weight was 580 lbs (pretty light compared to most Q2s). Subsequently he built a Sea Hawker amphib with an O360. His Q2 is no longer registered. I think he felt the Q2 was too underpowered to carry a passenger at 7000 ft. except on a very cold morning.

The Jabiru 3300 weighs the same as a Revmaster, puts out over 100 hp, should be an easier replacement than putting an O200 in a Q2.

Jim suggested trailering the Q to it's new base. I second that. There have been far too many accidents involving Qs that just changed ownership. Furthermore, a Q that has been sitting may have other problems. Read Mike Dwyer's pages on repainting his Q200: clearly his canard changed shape over years affecting ground handling; there could be other problems.

If the seller wants to ferry the plane to ABQ or Double Eagle in return for a plane ticket home . . .

Mike Perry

Jim P wrote:


I've flown into and out of ABQ a couple of times on very hot days.........100+ fully loaded (1,325 lbs). I have a pumped up 0200 with dual electronic ignitions and still found it marginal.

Further, I would always suggest you trailer any new Q to its test base, especially if you've never flown one. Get lots of taxi time before you ever consider leaving the ground. Finding out the thing doesn't handle well on the first landing is not good!

Thinking you'll just jump in and ferry it may also be a really, really big mistake! Many have tried, few have succeded.

BTW, I highly recommend a pumped up 0200 for your power plant. It makes this plane work well.

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

I think that sums up why I'm asking these annoying questions. Test
launching the plane at this altitude would be nice. But considering
the situation
it may not be an option. After Jon's initial warnings I'm now mostly
trying to determine if I can even ferry the plane here at all or if
I should
trailer it. If power is a marginal issue it still may only ever land at
this altitude ONCE with the Revmaster installed , then it would undergo
upgrades to a more suitable power plant. I suppose we would plan our
trip on a
nice cold dry couple of days just to be safe!

Thanks for all the great input so far everyone. You have all been very

Anyone else want to chime in?


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