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Bruce Bernath

Hi Phil
I am located in Vernon, Michigan. Its about 20 miles east/northeast of Lansing.

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Bruce, where are you located?

San Diego, CA
On Oct 2, 2009, at 1:38 PM, Bruce Bernath <brucebernath@>

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the response. I do appreciate your input. I have done
about 6 months of googling and have acquired much information on the
Q200. Too bad no one produces kits for them anymore. It would
certainly make life much easier. I realize there are kits and
partially to mostly completed aircraft but I would not get the
satisfaction of calling it my own. I also realized after reading the
builders manual that it was in fact the original 1980's version.
That certainly concerned me. However I will depend on the collective
knowledge & skill of this group to help me along the way via reading
the previous posts as you suggest. Again I appreciate your help &
look forward to speaking with you and the group.

"Iron Bubble" Bruce lol

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Hey Bruce,

Not to burst your bubble, but if you bought the CD off eBay, I would
bet that the seller either downloaded everything on that CD from
other people's websites, or from the files section of this list, for

For example Jon Finley has a bunch of stuff for download here:

http://www.finleywe QuickieQ2Docs/ tabid/58/

Secondly, the plans were written to support the kits that Quickie
Aircraft Corporation produced in the 1980's. Therefore, they don't
describe how to build one from scratch, and if you attempt it,
you'll find that you'll have A LOT of pieces missing. Quickie
Aircraft Corporation has been out of business since the mid 1980's.

I would recommend that you do some reading of previous posts here in
the Q-list to see if any questions you might have are already
answered. I would also recommend that you consider reading the plans
very thoroughly so you know what you're getting into. There is also
the Quickie Builders Association that is a good source of
information. They have back issues of their newlsetter available
here: http://www.quickieb backissu. html

I'm not trying to squash your enthusiasm, but I think you have some
more research to do. A "Google" search might prove productive as well.

Hope this helps. Please let me know.


Dan Yager

Q-200 under reconstruction

www.quickheads. com

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Hello everyone! My name is Bruce and I'm brand new to the forum. I
purchased a set of plans for the Q2/Q200 on CD recently. I'm not
sure if it was a good idea or not. They seem very clear and concise
but I need a lot of input to make sure it gets done right. This is
my first composite aircraft. I fell in love with the design many
years ago and set my mind to building one.. Any input on
improvements/ mods would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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