Re: Home safe


Hi Doug, and All our fellow aviators,

Also home safe, at 12:30 AM Sunday night/Monday morning, and yet another reason for me to get my plane finished and flying... so i can get home sooner than taking commercial! The 1,300 miles or so from Livermore to Beatrice could be done certainly before nightfall... weather permitting, that is.

Doug, once again, you did an outstanding job of putting together another great fly-in, and all your planning and organizing really paid off, despite the almost near annihilation of the event due to the winds... just about all of us made it in after all, and it was great catching up on all our friendships for another year. I really appreciated your concern about safety this time especially, and i think those concerns were on the minds of us all.

What a great time to see some great airplanes again, and my personal thanks to everyone who did fly their's to the event.

Oh, and Jon, i sure learned my lesson about making predictions about flying my plane (i was sure i was gonna get tarred and feathered right there in the terminal building Saturday evening!) and Kevin, yes, it sure would be nice to fly myself there next year too, so you just MIGHT have some more company.... notice i'm leaving it alot more vague this time! lol Only, no more long-range weather predictions, ok?? :-)

Doug, many, thanks again for all your hard work in planning for the event, and for your great perseverance as Newsletter editor too. We are all the richer for your efforts.

Still building...


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