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Michael Quinn

I would draw a ruler and put "registration marks" on the page with your drawing or paint program (or cad before you output it to jpg, tiff, or whatever). I put a border around the page with inches (or cm) on at least 2 sides (for vertical and horizontal comparisons). I have done this with paint even and then print it out - test it, then check the size of the VG against the real thing - then check your registration marks that you drew on it (to see if they were exact to a physical ruler) - then you would be able to share the giff, tiff, or jpg - the person recieving it would be able to see if their printout was accurate by the registration marks on the printout and their own ruler (if incorrect they could scale the printout up or down until they got a printout that matched their ruler). I hope this helps!


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The reason for not providing the jpg is that it will not print to the proper size. There are several free readers available and then check the measurement, it should be 10 1/8" overall. I will change the files and add this measurement this evening. If all else fails contact me with a fax number and I will fax you a copy if you have the GU canard.


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How about converting these files to jpg format so those of us without CAD software can see them?

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I have downloaded a couple of vortex generator templates for the GU canard. One with wide spacing and one with narrow spacing. I am using the wide spacing suggested by Keith Welsh that uses about 1/2 as many generators and it is doing the job very good.<>


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