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It was my intention to follow the plans, and I thought that said to put a washer on the left (pilot) side to give it right offset. I'd have to go pull the cowl to be sure though (it was a LONG time ago!!). As Bruce stated, the engine will rub on the left side of the cowl, so a little right offset is a good thing.

I wouldn't spend too much time analyzing it, just put it together and enjoy it. Hopefully you and Jay are learning that these planes are not build to tolerances of 1mm or 0.1 degrees. We built them by hand and did the best we could, and they all work. Some may be "better" than others, but I KNOW mine is "better" than anyone who hasn't finished because mine is flying! Implemented imperfection always beats contemplated perfection. Build on.

Paul A. Fisher
Q-200 N18PF 10.2 hours on the second hobbes (~1350 on the first one)

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I shimmed my 0200 just to get the left front rocker box cover away from the cowl. If you look closely you will see where the cowl cracked before I shimmed it down and over. I think Paul Fisher and I discussed this and Paul said that he just bolted his with no shims and his airplane flew just fine.
Sanjay you flew with me and I think you liked the way it flew. I don't remember how many washers I put under the left top engine mount but it may be as many as 2 or 3 to get it away from the cowl.

How is your progress? Did you go home excited to work on your Q after Beatrice?!!


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