Re: Q-200 right thrust / down thrust question


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but I KNOW mine is "better" than anyone who hasn't finished because mine
is flying! Implemented imperfection always beats contemplated perfection.
Build on.

Finer advice could not be easier had! Stop fussing around with the teensy
details. Even our fussiest anal retentives haven't built the "best"
airplane, but have just dragged the project out another year or two or....
Somebody at QAC or Rutan's once talked about "an accumulation of
tolerances" to explain why an individual builder experiences a difference in "fit"
of some component compared to another plane. I have enough gray hair to have
seen a lot of this... all in flying airplanes, even in spam cans built in
factory jigs (that's why a test pilot flies each finished product). If you
can shave off a year of building you can probably add about 60 hours of
smile to your face!

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