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John Hoxie

I'm interested reading your specs @ 8500 in Tri-Q200 W/ electric pitch prop. I have read the Jab 2200 has peak hp around 2300 rpm. I have a Q with LS1 canard (forward wing). I would like to see electric pitch prop on jab 2200 @ 2300 rpm and crank up the pitch / man. pr. I bet that would be real efficient. I have 20 gallon main. I will build a 15 or 20 gallon ferry tank for long distance solo flying that will go from the front of main tank to bottom of vert seat back. I think I will be able to fly @ 180 true @ 8000' (+,- 500'), burning 5 GPH for 7 hours with ferry tank. The plane is so clean, that the fuel saved for a 30 min. descent would be the fuel you used to climb to alt. Don't plan on finishing the Q until I retire (about 10 years) so I'm planning what I need and building what I can.
Shoreline, WA

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I am glad you men have the ability to calculate and extract the info on the main wing and canard. I for one would like to see the numbers when you finish.
All that I can add to the info is that I don't believe there has ever been a canard or main wing failure in flight. The only exception is when they were built wrong. One canard failed because the guy sliced the foam length ways and micro-ed the foam together. The other time was in respect to the main wing. The gentleman built a fuel tank on top of the main wing. The fuel leaked into the main wing a eroded the foam and it failed.
I think Jimmeh offered this info at one of our "gatherings".

Keep working on the info but get those Q's in the air! I went flying with my Father-In-Law today. We climbed to 8500' msl and stalled it to see what the climb rate is for my TriQ200 at that altitude. The temp was 34 degrees and my Father-In-Law weighs about 200 lbs while I weigh close to 180 lbs. We were full of fuel at 126 lbs with an empty weight of 760 lbs.
So 200+180+126+760= 1266lbs.
Climb rate at 8500'msl @34F @125mph indicated = 500 fpm.
@115mph indicated = 500 fpm.
@105mph indicated = 400 to 500 fpm.
All of tests were done at full throttle with the MT electric pitch prop dialed in at 2700 rpm. Continental 0200 engine. I didn't get the exact numbers on the manifold pressure but it was close to 22" or 24". (Sorry, that's not as technical as I should have been.)

As you can see I am a bit over the old 1100 lbs gross weight that Quickie established and have flown it in that configuration many times. I do have the Waddelow canard and main wing so (apples and oranges).

When all of the facts come out it would be nice to know just how much gross weight should finally be established and where the service ceiling comes out.

I was a CAVU day and as smooth as I have flown. At 8500' the airspeed indicated 158 smph at 23 squared. Someone do the math. Even after a climb to 8500' and 1.2 hrs of fling time we still used only 6.6 gals of fuel.
This is a fantastic efficient airplane so get em done! You be so blessed you did!

Bruce Crain

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