Re: Wing Load Testing

Mike Perry

Hello John:

Is this a typo: "I have read the Jab 2200 has peak hp around 2300 rpm." Peak hp for the Jab is at red line (3300 rpm). Peak Torque (and likely peak hp/lb fuel) is around 2500 rpm but the curve is fairly flat from 2300 to 2700 rpm. You can download a flier with the curves from the Jariru site:


John wrote:

I'm interested reading your specs @ 8500 in Tri-Q200 W/ electric pitch prop. I have read the Jab 2200 has peak hp around 2300 rpm. I have a Q with LS1 canard (forward wing). I would like to see electric pitch prop on jab 2200 @ 2300 rpm and crank up the pitch / man. pr. I bet that would be real efficient. I have 20 gallon main. I will build a 15 or 20 gallon ferry tank for long distance solo flying that will go from the front of main tank to bottom of vert seat back. I think I will be able to fly @ 180 true @ 8000' (+,- 500'), burning 5 GPH for 7 hours with ferry tank. The plane is so clean, that the fuel saved for a 30 min. descent would be the fuel you used to climb to alt. Don't plan on finishing the Q until I retire (about 10 years) so I'm planning what I need and building what I can.
Shoreline, WA


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