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Charley is much shorter than you, he has a swastika carved into his forehead and you only get "that look" when you are flying (or thinking about flying).

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That's odd. I always thought I was a dead ringer for Charles Manson.


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> I was watching the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars and happened to be struck in noticing Donny Osmond. He seems to look and awful lot like someone we know. Does anyone know if Donny Osmond and Sam Hoskins have ever been seen together in public? I don't mean in photoshopable moments, but "in the flesh.'" I don't think we've heard much from the sometimes elusive Mr. Hoskins lately, maybe, just maybe mind you, he is sequestered somewhere learning how to Somba and Quickstep.
> What do you think?
> Enquiring minds want to know.

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