Fuelventure 400 results


The Fuelventure 400 results have been recently posted on
_www.fuelventure.org_ (http://www.fuelventure.org)

The winds aloft were not favorable as last year so some of the numbers are
not as impressive for this year. However, they are still impressive.

Klaus took top honors for MPG and CAFE score, again. Gary Spencer won 2nd
best overall MPG in his V-8 powered Long EZ but flew solo and slow, so his
CAFE score suffered. The RV's were competitive with everyone, even though
they had their own class. The Lancairs were very competitive for the CAFE

I gave two young eagles rides for the course, so my passenger weight was
lower than was possible . That reduced my potential CAFE score. Some ballast
could have changed the CAFE award results but I just had some fun. (Yea,
excuses are like.........)

Gary Hertzler and Burrall Sanders scratched due to last minute airplane
problems, otherwise, they could have flown home with some honors.

A good time was had by all except my nose wheel, which went flat after the

Nobody flew the 500kg class. We saved $600 in prize monies because of that
but I would have preferred to have awarded that money to some of you.

I know there are some very efficient ships out there that could have flown
away with several of the awards. We want to see you at the next
Fuelventure 400 event!

Bruce Vinnola
ERacer N5ZW

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