Initial Questions from Spain.

agustin_millan_garcia <amillan@...>

Hi David!

Thank you for you important information. Right now I am on the Q-list forum, therefore I think I will slowly get the information I need about the Q2 building. Even though, I would appreciate so much whether you can tell me (when you are able, of course) further information about this items:

1.- When can I get information-drawings-pictures about the swivel axis vertical on the tail?
2.- Idem about the braces between the top of the canard and the inside wall of the fuselage. I agree with you it is an important update to make.
3.- What is the reflexor? What's the roll of this item?
4.- Vortex generators. I have been searching the Q-list and I have found a lot of types, spacings, etc. Can you advice?
5.- Thank you for the information provided about the wheel alignment. Is essential to do it.
6.- Canard update to LS1. I plan to set a ROTAX engine (there is a lot of support for these engines here in Spain), weighting similar to the Revmaster, so I think will keep the GU with VG.

David, I will post this mail on the list, too, see whether any member can help me. Group makes strength!

Thank you David, thank you all.

Agustin Millan

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