Re: Putting Numbers with my Numbers

Paul Spackman


Here are my numbers for today 11/4/2009

1. 8000'
2. 1800 RPM 71 MPH
3. 3200 RPM 207 MPH
4. 2000 RPM 69 MPH

Prop is a Sensenich 54 X 72


--- In Q-LIST@..., "Jay Scheevel" <scheevel@...> wrote:

Hi Guys,

Any additional information information that you want to give me on airspeed
will be fine. I was assuming that IAS and CAS were close enough in most of
your pitot placements to neglect, so I was asking for IAS to simplify the
test. If this is not the case, then please give me CAS numbers. (By the way,
TAS is not relevant because the tests will all be performed at 8000' DA so
IAS/CAS numbers will be directly comparable).
Jim, Paul was correct in that I am comparing aerodynamic performance, so
simple airspeed numbers will be adequate to do this.
Mike Dwyer's question concerning pitch-buck speed, please give me the
pitch-buck speed at whatever power setting it takes to keep from losing
altitude at 8000' DA. Give me the minimum speed that you observe in the
pitch-buck maneuver (i.e. The stall speed of the canard) This will be a good
number for me to compare relative lift from each surface.
Also, I did not suggest a CG target, because each plane varies in this
regard, but if the CG at 1000# GW could be as close to the middle of the
range, that would also help me out.
Thanks guys for your questions and your help.

Jay -- Tri-Q, still building.

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