Re: Jet Wing Fillet Pictures?

Richard Thomson

Hi Jon,
On Airbus aircraft they are called the belly fairing underneath,and they now call the upper wing fairing the Hackett fairing, supposidly after some guy called Hackett, but I prefer that is because we Hack it out! Have a look at US patent 6378804. That might help.

Rich T

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Hi all,

This kinda off topic - sorry...

I am looking for pictures of the underside of some modern business jets. Specifically around the wing. There may be a new term for this kinda bulbous area, I don't know. I'd like to see some detail of the fillets (specifically aft of the wing) that are used when the fuselage sits on top of the wing. Seems that this is not the type of photo that most manufacturers are putting on their marketing websites....

Send me some links if you have them please.



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