Q-List limits and Electric Quickies

Mike Perry

Hello All:

Last week there were many postings about Electric engines and Quickies, and at least 2 members protested that this discussion belonged on the Q-Performance List. There was also a discussion of Aluminum Q-2s and composites. I discussed the electric Quickie with the other moderators and we did not reach a firm conclusion: some moderators want the discussion to move to Q-Performance while others are OK with it on Q-List. At this time we are not banning these discussions, but please consider these ideas:

Q-Performance is "dedicated to modifications and/or radical changes to the Quickie single place and 2 place aircraft." In other words, that is the proper place for "speculative engineering" and flights of fancy. Q-List is primarily for support and guidance in building a standard Q/Q2/Q2xx with a proven engine.

One advantage of the narrow focus of Q-List is that it becomes a searchable resource. Often, someone else faced the same problem you do, and publishes a solution on the list. Too much speculative engineering makes it harder to find the postings that relate directly to your problem with the standard Q.

I realize last year's speculative engineering is this year's prototype and next year's standard practice, but I still think this list needs focus. I would like to encourage everyone to subscribe to both lists if you have interests outside standard Qs.

(In the past we had problems with postings on Q-List that were inaccurate, unrealistic or (almost?) psychotic. I don't need to read anymore postings with weedeater motors powering Quickies, or using perpetual motion or otherwise repealing modern physics and engineering. That isn't our current problem, but it is the reason we continue to monitor and discuss the list. "What keeps Q-List healthy?")

Mike Perry

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