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Mitch, a word of caution on a fuel cap for the header tank. I had one but
have glassed it over. That's because we had a flood of Avgas into the
cockpit at 6000' because the seal was not 100% - very disconcerting! Unlike
the filler cap on the main tank, the header cap can spend time immersed in
fuel. Be very careful with that top seal - I was spooked enough to glass it
over and put up with the inconvenience of transferring from the main tank
using the pump. My 2 cents... or 2 pennyworth.

Chris Rayner (Q-200; not many hours yet).

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You might consider installing a flush fuel cap in the top of your header.
That saves a lot of time pumping fuel up to your header while you're
re-fueling from an almost empty tank.

I'm changing my fuel system around to connect the bottom of the header to
the main tank with a large hose. I've installed a header tank flush fuel cap
and I've removed the side fuel filler inlet to the main tank.

Since I always take off with full fuel, I'll still have gravity-derived fuel
pressure on take off, but for landing with low fuel I have to rely on the
engine driven fuel pump and the backup electrical pump to keep the engine
running. Piper takes that same risk in all their low wing planes.

Brian Bulaw

N24H Q2-converting to Jabiru 3300

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Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:48 am (PST)

Before I jump in and cut an access hole in the top of the header tank on my
Q2, are there any do's and don'ts? The leak appears to be along the side
where the tank meets the fuselage. Besides the smell, blue dye is appearing
down the fuselage under the tank edge. My plan is to cut a hole big enough
to reseal the interior tank with either epoxy/glass or a sealer. I'm hoping
to cut the hole/panel nice enough to reinstall it with a gasket and screws
incase the fix doesn't work. Thanks for any info ahead of time.
Mitch Hargin
Clarinda, IA

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