Re: need N number for tri q-2

Mike Perry

Earlier you wrote "last flight broke the nose gear off" -- if it was flying it should have had an N number. You might be able to check on the Turbo-Revmaster with Joe Horvath -- does it have a serial number? I would search the plane and anything you got with it and I would bug the seller -- the E-bay seller may have info on where the plane came from.

If you know where it was built someone on this list may know whose project it was.

Otherwise, you got problems.

Mike Perry

dragmiata wrote:

as far as i can tell, there was never any N number or registration. i would even settle for buying someone's damaged tri q2 or tailwheel q2 and use the docs and registration for mine. maybe someone will chime in about one for cheap. i don't mind getting another one that is damaged.

anyone want to buy this one?

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