Re: Q1 spars

Robert Cringely

I'll order a set!


On Nov 28, 2009, at 1:28 PM, halfvw wrote:

Did Peter decide to quit supplying them, or did Composite Creations decide to quit making them. If Composite Creations made the decision there probably isn't much that can be done. If it was Peters decision, maybe with his permission Composite Creations would still make them if they got an order for several pair at a time?

Peter, if you are still around, what is the whole story?
Leon McAtee

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Peter Harris just announced that he wouldn't provide any more these parts
could'nt we ask a chinese corp to produce us carbone tubes for this most fragile part of ther Quickie , the front canard
what are the dimensions are caracteristics expected ?

here were Harris contact :

actually is there somewhere a construction log of canard and wings , from plans I hardly imagine anything

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