Re: revmaster cylinder heads

Mike Perry

Hello Daken:

1) How heavy? You should be able to get a weight and balance sheet. If the empty weight is 800 lbs a Revmaster would be less than marginal. (You could perhaps fly solo?)

2) If the plane has been flying but you don't like the performance the Jabiru 3300 propped to 2800 rpm gets you more than 100 hp for about the same weight as the Revmaster. Of course, it costs $$$.

Mike Perry

dakencoleman wrote:

morning all,
Does anybody know of any heads for sale? also how much work is it to install new heads and gaskets? I have been told that it is a matter of 8 bolts and some precise torqueing but i'm not sure. I am looking into buying a q200 airframe with a revmaster engine. It is abit heavier than normal due to upgraded spar etc. but will the revmaster still have the juice it needs? thanks for the opinions.

Daken Coleman
(investigating purchase)

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