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Robert Cringely

What performance did you get with the 1835 VW?


What, me worry?

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Hi Leon,

This is PURELY my OPINION based on my experiences. As I'm sure you
know, I had very good success with an 1835cc VW (all four cylinders)
in my
Q1. I am heavy and was flying at relatively high-altitude. I would not
hesitate to do the same thing again but would spend a little money to
lighten it up (aluminum cylinders come to mind).

I flew with a fellow based in north-east Washington a couple times
something). He had an Onan and MANY horror stories about flying at
high-density altitudes with it. No thanks, not for me. Obviously, if
and low level 18-22 horsepower works (Terry and Keith come to mind,
great for them as it has many others) so I am NOT suggesting that
there is
anything wrong with the "low horsepower" approach.

Jon Finley
N314JF - Q2 - Subaru EJ-22

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Ok guys, I need some help/advice/opinions, particularly from those
interested in building or restoring a Quickie.

This is kind of a long post so if you aren't interested in Q-1's
the rest - and I will be taking any further discussion over to the
performance group. If you are interested in following this thread
please follow it there.

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