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Mike Perry

Hello Daken:

Great Plains has a video set on the assembly of the VW engine. Steve Bennett is no actor, but watching an expert assemble a VW engine is a great way to learn. However, "the engine has cracked heads from being over torqued when being tuned up. . .has 6 hours on it. . ." raises a few other questions.

1) How many hours on the airframe? Also, as Jon asked, do you have the N number?

2) Did anything happen to the case? The studs that were two tight for the head were also pulling on the magnesium case. VW heads get torqued to 18 ft-lbs, which is really wimpy compared to some engines, but if someone over-torqued the heads it sounds like they didn't know VWs. If you are "not very mechanically inclined" you need someone who is and who knows VWs to take a look for you. (VW heads tighten up when the engine gets warm due to differences in expansion of the different metals.) In the long run you need to learn how to torque the heads yourself -- it's part of annual maintenance on any VW based engine.

3) If you want help, tell us where you are located. Jon's advice to check with your local EAA chapter is very good -- Someone flying a Sonex or Sonerai or Starlet or whatever will know a lot about VW engines in airplanes -- Any VW based installation will be pretty similar from firewall forward, and they should know all about cylinder head torque.

Mike Perry

dakencoleman wrote:

I was told the empty weight was in the mid 650s. The engine has cracked heads from being over torqued when being tuned up. Other than that it has 6 hours on it and is mint. Would anybody be interested in installing these heads for me? i am not very mechanically inclined.
thanks guys for the replies.

Daken Coleman
(investigating purchase)

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Hello Daken:

1) How heavy? You should be able to get a weight and balance sheet. If
the empty weight is 800 lbs a Revmaster would be less than marginal.
(You could perhaps fly solo?)

2) If the plane has been flying but you don't like the performance the
Jabiru 3300 propped to 2800 rpm gets you more than 100 hp for about the
same weight as the Revmaster. Of course, it costs $$$.

Mike Perry

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