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i still think the best choise for q1 is 1/2 vw either 32 or 37 hp it weight ready to fly 85 lbs and has fuel consuption around 1.7 gal the price for ready to fly engine is around 3000$

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The EJ-22 ready-to-run weight is pretty much the same as an 0-200 so is definitely too heavy for a Q1. There is no doubt that a VW has limitations but from a power and cost perspective, I think it is a good match. Plenty of power there and certainly not over-working it. When built with weight in mind, a VW can be surprisingly light.


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Hi Jon:

With your experience with the VW in the Q1 and the EJ-22 in the Q2,
what are your thoughts of the EJ-22 in the Q1?

I have been away from my workshop for quite awhile now and have a
strong itch to get to building when I get home. I have always liked
the Rutan Q design and thanks to my daughter I have an EJ-22 waiting
for an aircraft. For a first plans built aircraft the Q1 is most

Thanks, Roger

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