Re: carbon

Larry Severson

I just checked it is back down to $50.00 a yard.

So what is your point? I think I was talking about using the right material
for the right job. Do you have any constructive input or are you just
Carbon has a place. It is 3+ times stiffer for a given weight. In the use that I will be making, pultruded carbon rods can provide 280,000 psi in tension and 320,000 psi in compression. However, you are correct, for hand layup, it is very difficult to insure saturation of the fabric with epoxy. Almost all who use carbon fiber do it with vacuum bagging, or even better vacuum infusion. If the Q had been designed with CF spar caps, the plane would be both lighter and stronger. The time to build would have also been significantly reduced. But, what we know now is not what was known in 1980.

None of which involves "building to plans".

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