Re: carbon


In the
use that I will be making, pultruded carbon rods can provide 280,000
psi in tension and 320,000 psi in compression.
I do believe that you have your numbers backwards? Nice to know that I'm not the only dyslexic Q builder :-)

If the Q had been
designed with CF spar caps, the plane would be both lighter and
stronger. The time to build would have also been significantly

Maybe not. My carbon rod LS-1 Quickie canard weighs virtually the same as my per plans GU canard. The cores were more "dog boned" than I would have liked and I did not vacuum bag. I also used more material than needed so I wouldn't have to do as much fabric cutting. I'm guessing that if I used perfect cores, optimized the skin layup schedule and vacuum bagged I might be able to shave off 5 or 6 pounds.

As for time involved I'd say that it was about the same (not counting design time). If I were to do a second I could make some more user friendly jigs to speed things up a bit.

My carbon rod canard IS considerably stiffer. Stronger? I'd have to test each to destruction to be sure. I don't plan to do so.

Price from AS+S for the rod I used, as of last night, was a touch over $300.
Leon McAtee

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