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Is that the standard layup using only uni?

Are there any knowledgeable owners like yourself in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and venues to meet them?

Jim Staud

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Jim, there is no all carbon Q.

I don't have any carbon in my main wing. The main wing uses standard UNI
glass, not BID. In preparation for the layups, I draw 45 degree lines on
the foam cores, to help ensure proper alignment of the two first layers, per
plans. Perhaps, that is what you are confusing,

The only change I made to the new wing was to add one proportionately sized
spar cap.


On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 10:23 PM, Jim Staud <staudjf@...> wrote:

If they did build an all carbon Q1, Q2, Q200, or TRI-Q, were they able to
stress test it, and what were the results?

I noticed what I think is Sam Hoskins aircraft getting a main wing upgrade
in the Q-Talk 127 Photos. The revised main wing has noticeable carbon
strands in the BID.

Also read somewhere about someone using carbon rods as spars as opposed to
the cylindrical carbon spar. What were the results of that experiment and
waht was the method of layup.

Did anyone ever add a carbon spar or spar caps to the main wing?

Did anyone ever grow the templates to build an upscaled wing to reduce
landing speeds and wing loading?

Did anyone ever put Q2 wings on a Q1?

Jim S.


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