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Rick Hole

I am travelling and not in good connection with the net for another week, so I will check Dan's site out at home.

I am not stuck on Yahoo as forum host site. Yahoo does inflict us with needless spam. I hope a move to the other site will still give the email delivery option--I really like the convenience getting it without going to a website and I would probably check in there much less often.

If you move it, Dan, I will follow. You have my vote of confidence.

Rick Hole

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Hey All,
As my first "official duty" let me make a suggestion and get all of your input. The discussion below is very valid and perhaps points to a limitation of the Q-list and Yahoo! groups in general.

First the Q-list is THE place to get information, and the Q-performance group sees very little activity. I've seen people get absolutely hammered by the long term members for asking what they probably thought was an innocent question.

I understand the desire of the "been flying for 20 years" crowd to protect the safety and reputation fo their own projects. Those who have been around a while have seen several people get killed or injured by making what they thought were innocent changes!

At any rate, I hate to see the new people's enthusiasm get squashed so quickly!

So I think it would be great if we could physically move the discussions from one list to the other. If someone suggests a radical design change on the Q-list it would be nice for the moderators to be able to simply move the whole thread over to Q-performance.

I know that this might be impossible on Yahoo! but it would be very easy to do in the forums on the new QBA website at I'll be busy adding the Q-talk archive over the next few months, but we could eventuaslly move all of the posts from Yahoo! over to the forums if you'd like.

Current moderators here would get free QBA memberships as long as they continued to moderate the forums on the new site, where they could upload pictures and files directly to the threads, and move threads between the various boards. Having moderators on the new site would give us some redundancy, in case something should happen to me. (God forbid!) :-)

I know guys like Leon McAtee have already used the forums on the site, and I'd like to get his thoughts about it. You don't need to be a QBA member to use the forums there, you just need to register for a free account on the left side menu in the "log-in" box.

Let me know what you all think.

You can see the forums here:

You can renew your QBA membership for 2010 here:

wink. . . wink. . . nudge. . . nudge!

Merry Christams all, and a have a Happy (and safe) New Year!

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA editor
Q-200 Under reconstruction

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