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Allan Farr

Nice video, nice plane, nice wife:). It would be great if there was some way of showing the main flight instrument in the vids so that the altitude/speed/heading are visible.

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So I missed the first day of the year flight, but we did fly on
01-02-2010 so we got in a nice flight on the second day of the year.
The first day of the year was overcast and raining. We flew in Florida
from KPIE to KOCF. The temp at takeoff was around 50F, beautiful blue
sky with winds out of the north at around 12 mph gusting to 22. Took
off and flew up the beaches, bet that water is cold... The carb temp was
showing 27F and the outside air was pretty cold so we ran the cabin
heater to a toasty 72F inside. We had a 25K headwind on the way up but
had that 25K tailwind on the way back south.

At Ocalla (KOCF) we pulled into the pattern and landed behind a Piper.
A beautiful no bump landing that I did not get on video! Darn it. The
video we took was hand held by the wife and is somewhat shaky but
considering the turbulence it came out pretty good. When I get this
camera mounted outside the plane it will be cool! The video is
uploading (62% so far) as I type this so I can't give you the exact web
address yet but you can go to:

And pick the most recent one. When it plays hit the X thing for a full
screen view.

This is a serious video file done in 720P High Definition and is 315
Meg. You need a high speed internet connection to even think about
watching this file. I actually shot the video in 1080P 30 frames per
second but had to squish it down from the 621 Meg 1080P file in order to
meet VIMEO's 500 meg limit. The new camera is an Aiptek Action HD with
a 4 Gig SD card. Shoots 1 hour of 1080P video. And it's cheap. I got
mine second hand off eBay for $88 and stuck a SD card that I had into
it. I used Pinnacle Studio 14 to do the editing and didn't waste too
much time on the rough edges, probably spent an hour putting it together.

If you liked the video, let me know and I'll do more.

Happy New Decade!
Mike & Liz

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