Re: Thermocouple compatible bulkhead connector?

John Loram <johnl@...>

Thanks for that Sam. Your comment forced me to rethink the problem and I
realized that I had not considered that I was running both sides of each
thermocouple leg through the same connector (duh!), and consequently, the
effect of the dissimilar metals of the connector would be cancelled out so
long as both the male and the female pins of the connector are the same

Cool! thanks again, -john-

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I just used a metal D-sub connector. Bob Knuckolls said it
was okay to use.

Sam Hoskins

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 4:59 PM, John Loram <> wrote:

Does any one know of a source (other than Omega) for multi-pin
bulkhead connectors that are compatible with Type J & K
I wiring the firewall foreword...

thanks, -john-


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