Re: Thermocouple compatible bulkhead connector?

Rick Hole

The high end ones certainly do, such as Garmin 900X or 1000. I have not
seen anything in the Dynons, GRT Avionics, JPI, etc that I have dealt with
in recent years to indicate they compensate. Or if they do it must be
internal rather than in the external connector where it really belongs. But
on the point, the precision of these instruments is well within what we need
to operate the engine effectively and safely.

Garmin engineers are upset if non-thermocouple connector pins are used and
insist this not be done (G900X installs). I agree with you, it is overkill
and over-expensive.


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Given that the pins in a connector are in such intimate contact, I'd be
surprised to learn that there's even one degree of temperature difference
between the junctions; less than the resolution of the measuring system.

It's my impression that all the modern electronic engine monitors
incorporate cold junction compensation within the instrument; it's done with
a thermistor and a few lines of code.



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