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Allan Farr

And much heavier?

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The soft one does stick better (will likely put more side load on your
tail spring) but the biggest difference is that the soft one is way
quieter on rollout.

On 3/6/2010 8:50 PM, Dave Dugas wrote:
Jon and Mike...Thanks for the info. The original is worn almost to the metal, and it never did have much in the way of traction. The composition of the ACS wheel seem softer and should improve handling. Tahnks again Dave Dugas

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Bent mine cold also.... minor bend.
Mike Q200 N3QP

On 3/5/2010 10:01 PM, jon@finleyweb. net wrote:

Hi Dave,

Ahhh, now you've done it. I have to tell what I did and someone will surely get on my case....


I bent it cold and used a massive crescent wrench that I have. I know... crude. I'm an old farm boy so that's my excuse. The fork only has to be spread very slightly. It's a snug fit but seems to work fine.


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I'm in the process of installing the same tailwheel that Jon Finley has pcitures of. Jon, did you heat the tailwheel fork or did you bend it cold? Is it a matter of just bending the fork until the wheel fits? What did you use to bend the fork?
Thanks Dave Dugas

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