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Allan Farr

The funny thing is I had slipped the torque tube into the elevator a few times before I tried it with the elevator fitted to the canard. The tube slipped in and out easily with no binding. It was only when I tried it with the elevator in place that the binding occurred. There was no corrosion so that wasn't the issue. Next time I will use antiseize, hopefully it will help.

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I'm glad you got it out! When you re-assemble them, make sure you put anti-seize on everything to prevent the corrosion problem from re-occurring. I pull off my rudder, elevators and ailerons every year during the annual inspection and put a new coat of anti-seize on all of the pivot points and the spacers before re-assembly. Been working for 20 years now!

Paul A. Fisher
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Hi. Thanks Jon, Dan, Sanjay, & Leon.
Problem solved! The hole was already drilled so I placed a bolt in it and
wiggled and pulled the torque tube until finally it came free. I had
actually tried this earlier in the day and it didn't work but I mentioned
the problem to my wife who knows nothing about things like this but
amazingly she can sometimes come up with interesting ideas. This time she
said; leave it until the evening when it cools down (it's been quite hot
here)," and maybe the torque tube will shrink slightly and come out more
easily. Anyway, I don't know if that helped but as I said after a lot of
twisting and pulling it came free. I used the "mass balance" arm for
leverage. I'll now have to check everything for stress/damage as it took
alot of force to separate the tubes.
Thanks for the comments and advice.

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Have you drilled the hole for the bolt yet? If not, you may have to drill
a hole into the elevator torque tube and into the space just enough to
hold it in place with the tip of a bolt or something.

My spacers slide around inside the tube as well (when the bolt is
removed). I usually insert a bolt only enough to lock the elevator torque
tube and spacer together but NOT penetrate the torque tube from the
cockpit (that I am trying to insert/remove).

Harder to describe than actually do.


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Hi. My elevator torque tube (Q2CSA8) is stuck in the "elevator reducer"
when I try to twist & pull it out the reducer moves as well. I was trial
fitting the port elevator when this happened and I don't know what to do
next. Has anyone got any ideas that don't involve wrecking the elevator or
torque tube? All help will be gratefully accepted, I'm really "stuck" with
this one.

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