Re: Finley Power Failure - Cause- RWS mounting issues.

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First time poster, please excuse the intrusion. I am interested in finding an unstarted complete Q2 kit if anyone knows of one...

Reading through the details of the event I have one question to ask. Why
is the ECU not potted? I've worked with some military and radio hardware in the past
and every single bit that is expected to be in harsh conditions is potted.

I also question the use of D-connectors also when you can find easily available from a variety of sources.

On 2010-03-14, at 12:51 PM, Jon Finley wrote:


As I have reported, this was clearly a builder error. I used lock nuts but
they were installed on a bolt that was too short, fell off, and caused the

I see no difference between doing what I did and incorrectly installing the
nuts on a connecting rod. When the rod/engine fails, you don't run out and
redesign the engine, you correct the assembly error.

In my opinion, this is NOT a safety issue. If you really want to improve
anything over what I did (excluding the error), install the EC2 in a
location that is not so hard to inspect. Mine is way up inside the hell
hole and is a real headache to inspect. In my opinion, this was the first
mistake that led to the error.


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Hi Jon
I don't know if this has been sent in part, digit problem, so apologies
if this is part repeated.
<> here
is a link to RWS sample instructions under the heading controller the
mounting is as you described.
This is a sample and Tracy does make it clear that there may be
However as this is a real safety issue for all RWS users, and you have
been honest in bringing it to Q-list subscribers attention.
We owe it to our fellow aviators to make Tracy aware so he can at least
amend the instructions if this has not already been done.
I have looked at the mounting methods for LSE/SDI and several other
makes and they all have external ears or similar.
It seems a bit strange to have to partially disassemble the unit to
Clive .............gobxoy

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