Re: Anti-Seize and WD-40

One Sky Dog

In my humble opinion, no WD-40 on my airplane, oil on linkages sparingly,
do not over grease bearings ( a little dab will do it, more will retain
heat. Dissimilar metal junctions a dab of anti-seize. Metals that gall Al, SS a
dab of anti-seize. No hydrocarbon spray over styro-foam cores even painted
ones. Soap designed for high end cars or airplanes. No Windex or ammonia
products on the canopy.

Bugs, mist with water/one drop soap, wait 2 mins, wipe with micro-fiber
cloths from Costco.


Charlie Johnson

Ogden, UT

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I was on the road last week, now reading back postings. The discussion
on WD-40 and Anti-Seize compounds caught my eye. I understand WD-40
(and many other petroleum based products) can prevent fiberglass
adhesion. I also know petroleum products can dissolve foam, and many
anti-seize products are petroleum based. Based n those issues, what is
the best product for our purposes? Do we use a different product around
foam (eg: torque tubes) and in front of the firewall (sparkplugs)?

Thanks for any ideas and esp. experience -- Mike Perry

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