Re: Getting Stiffner

Clive Clapham

Hi Jerry

There is a picture of my Q235 stiffeners in the G-BXOY photo album on this list, which are similar.

The plans Q200 are 1/8" aircraft grade ply two bid at 45 bias, 2"over lap to firewall.

I think if you trawl through Sam Hoskins Blog around picture 100_4451 to 100_4454 should tell you all you need to know. Sam's look like 1/4" so may be foam? Mine are foam and so either way should be OK.

This link if it works should get you close.


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I have, better late than never, realized that I need "vertical stiffners" on the inside of the firewall on my Q-200 project. There are no drawings, templates etc that came with my paperwork and short of spending $20. for a complete set of templates, can someone point me to a picture or description of what was called out in the Q-200 plans?

Thanks for your help.

Jerry Brinkerhuff Q-200 planning on flying it in 2010

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