Re: MIxture control arm Continental 0200

Clive Clapham

Hi you guys

I,ve just posted a link to the 0200 group an for A75 A85 A90 0200 manual.

It shows the mixture lever its a tall one, I think there are three versions Tall/short and another.

Lycoming engines with the carb slung under the sump use the short ones.

Anyway hope this helps.


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I think you might be right Rick. Seems like the part has a top and a bottom that may come apart and re-seat to a different clocking. The arm on my buddies carb looks different than mine so am thinking it may be a different carb. The problem may come with the oil sump being to close to the carb for the arm to point aft. When I get a chance to look at it I may see if I can change it. Will have to take the carb off to change it if possible. I am enjoying it to much to take it apart right now!
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