Re: Follow-up: QBA Members and Q-talk

Graeme Stubbings <gstubby@...>

Hi Dan,

No, I received nothing till your followup e-mail, picked it up from that though, good stuff.

Regards Graeme Stubbings

On 18 Mar 2010, at 08:33, quickheads2 wrote:

Hey All,
I was just checking on my web logs and noticed that several people haven't opened Q-talk Issue 139 that I e-mailed to all members on February 28th.

I just wanted to make sure that you all received it, and that it didn't end up in your e-mail SPAM folder or something. The following is a list of people that the log claims did not open the e-mail:

Brian (glasspac)
Harry Manvel
Graeme Stubbings
Fred (
clinton seal
Paul Gies
Mike Perry
Leon McAtee
joe callejo
Ted Gerber
Steve (Setagsmtr)
Chris Adkins
Darrell Daniels
Chris Rayner
Mike Evans
Andrew Morris
Patrick Lehner
Jon M Swenson
Clive Clapham
Paul Spackman
Alan Thayer
Reginald Clarke
Jon Finley
Dave Sosich
Claire Johnson
Jeff McComb
stan susman
Tad Simpson
Don Crowl

If any of you are having problems receiving e-mails from me, please let me know. FYI - The current issue of Q-talk is also available on the online archive located here:

Hope this helps, please let me know.

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

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