Re: MIxture control arm Continental 0200

Bruce Crain

Well ya' see it goes like this. My mixture cable runs forward and exits the left side of the firewall. Then it turns right and runs behind the engine. Then it makes a 180 degree turn around the bladder (sump) filler neck and connects with the mixture arm. I used a teflon lined cable and it is very stiff to actuate. If I could make only one turn from the left side into the mixture arm it would work much easier. But until I get time I will just continue working out so I can use my mixture control.
All is well with the family. The swelling should go down any day. Yuk, just kidding!


Mind if I ask why you are wanting to rearrange your mixture control arm? Are you changing something that would require that? BTW I speak OKIE so bladder works for me! Hope all is well with you and family.


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