Tandem Wings at Jean Fly-In

Mike Perry

Hello everyone:

I am asking for some organizational and leadership help with the Jean Fly-In. What kind of a meeting do we want for the Tandem Wing group? Let me review the history of this event then suggest some ideas for the kind of meeting I would like to see.
Originally we had a Tandem Wing event that Don Stewart hosted. About 2004 Pat Panzera started having an "Alternate Engine Round-up" in conjunction with Don's Tandem Wing fly-in. (In other words, two programs share a meeting location) In 2005 we had problems at Laughlin (no hanger or meeting room) so in 2006 we moved to Jean. At the last minute Don dropped out, leaving Pat with both an engine program and a tandem wing event.

Pat wants the Tandem wing event to continue along with the engine forum but he really can't run both. Pat reserves us a block of time for us to use the building for "show-and-tell", or some other program specific to tandem wings, but someone needs to organize it. Of course, we are free to do as we please outside: Flights, "cowling off", etc.

I would like to see someone with a flying Q or D-Fly stand up and lead a discussion focused on building and flying, problems and triumphs. Can we do a short program more like the "Field of Dreams"? We could do have a round-robin: go around the room and have each person talk about their project (builders get 30 secs, fliers get 5 minutes?) Any other suggestions? (If you try to pick me to lead this remember: I don't have a flying Q and I'm more the "Helpful Harry" back-of-the-room type guy.)

Otherwise, I am happy with a very casual program out on the flight-line. If that is our choice then it's no fair complaining about all the engine talks.

Also, we tried to have a Fuel-Venture type performance run this year. That is a real overlap area for Tandem-Wings and Alternate Engines. However, we had insurance issues and weren't able to get to that. Maybe next year. For this year, does someone want to organize a simple "efficiency run?" Alan?

Summing up: Since Don Stewart quit coming we really haven't had an organized Tandem Wing program at the "Mountain States Tandem Wing" Fly-in. Do we want to have a program? Can we have a round table type discussion? Any other ideas?

Mike Perry
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