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I'll ADd this to the website. Does anyone else have any?

Perhaps we should create a list for the single seaters as well?

Let me know.

Also just wondering if we should call these suggested mainteneace checks instead of AD's? Will calling them AD's make the FAA get involved? Just curious.

Dan Yager
Q-200 Under Reconstruction
QBA Editor

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Hey Guys,
I think we should put together on a web site somewhere a list of AD
notes for the rest of the builder/ flyer community.

I'd like to contribute a couple:

Q-AD# 1
Type Q: Q200
TT: 800 hours
The lower rudder phenolic bearing broke loose from the support
structure. Inspection of the Rudder hinge pre-flight found the damage.

Q-AD# 2
Type Q: Q200
TT: 900 and 1100 hours
The elevator center hinge was found to have abnormal up and down play
during pre-flight inspection. The right side was loose after 900 hours,
the left after 1100 hours. The pin inside the elevator was found to be
loose. A 4' long socket extension made from a piece of solid 3/8" stock
was used to tighten the internal pin. This should be done each time the
elevator is removed. Builders may want to use locktight on this assembly.

Q-AD# 3
Type Q: Q200
TT: 900 hours
After sitting on the main gear for 18 years the canard shape changes
enough to cause the main wheel alignment to camber out excessively
resulting in poor ground control on landing. Either the axle holes need
to be re-cut or the wheel pants removed and repositioned to bring the
wheels back into alignment.

Mike Q200 N3QP

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