Re: Q-List Rules?

Terry Adams

The ThorpList (Thorp T18) recently shut down its email list after moving
everything into a forum. It allows posts to be segregated to specific
subjects: Fuselage, Wing, Interior, Personal, Flying, Engines, etc. I
find that I spend a lot less time reading the posts unless it is in a
forum subject that I wish to check on.

Terry Adams
N41521 DF MkI

quickheads2 wrote:

Perhaps I am a bit biased. :-) However, I am still a big proponent of
moving all of the discussions to the QBA website forums. We could make
several lists there, and if someone posts in the wrong area, the
moderators could physically move the post to the other section.

It's also nice to be able to upload pictures and files directly to you
posts. I know that there is some resistance to starting a new group
somewhere else, but I think that way eveyone could go to one place to
get whatever info they needed.

I already moved the Q1 group over to the website from Yahoo! I could
do the same thing with all the posts from the Q-list and Q-performance.

Just providing yet another option.

Thanks for listening.

Dan Yager
QBA Editor
Q-200 Under Reconstruction

--- In <>, Mike
Perry <dmperry1012@...> wrote:

Hello All:

I am asking for opinions and ideas about "The Rules" for Q-List. I want
to see what rules -- guidelines, really -- we want now, and then try to
make those rules clear to everyone (especially new people on the list).

Recently Roger made several posts about his proposed diesel engine
for a
Quickie. That's a new, untried engine and by the rules we agreed on in
2003, that should be on Q-Performance. It appears Roger didn't
understand the rules, and I don't think we have been doing a good
job of
letting new members know the rules. Members publish interesting ideas
on this list and then don't understand why they were sent off to the
other list.

Background: November of 2003 Pat Panzera started Q-Performance after a
poll in which 88% of the voters asked that Q-List be "a site with the
necessary/correct information to finish their Quickies as quickly and
accurately as possible." The general idea was to keep Q-List for
building and flying standard Quickies, Q2s, Q200s and tested mods.
Q-Performance was for untested ideas, design changes and new engines.
Some of the information on Q-Performance is very interesting (4 place
Quickies? Tri-Foil designs? 40 kg/37 hp Wankles?) but it has little to
do with building and flying standard Quickies.

About the moderators: We have discussed this issue several times. Some
of us like having two lists, some don't care. We generally agree that
we don't have enough time or interest to police this issue. We can do a
better job of publishing "The Rules" but we are not going to herd
around from list to list.

-- continue to use the 2003 rules with 2 lists. If we do this "The
Rules" need to be clear and generally available, so the list can be
-- use a single list. If we do this the subject line must reflect the
content of the post; also posters must explain where their ideas come
from and what testing has been done.

Possible problems:
If we loosen the rules, how does this group keep any focus? Do we have
any limits (4 seat tri-foil Quickies?) and where do we send people with
those ideas?

I've been reading this list since it's inception and it is usually a
pleasure. I'm willing to put some effort into keeping it that way. I
would like to see some input on how to make it a better list,
what guidelines we should all work by.

Hope to hear from you all -- Mike

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