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Keith Welsh <kfly@...>

If the Q-list could be venturing in the an area if inactivity or dying as you say I have
something I've been considering for a while but holding off on until about a week ago.

About midnight last Saturday April 10 we had a fire which destroyed my utility building / shop.
We suspect the fire had some. Vicki was awoken at 1230 am to noise, a door closing, shortly
there after our motion detector light went on. She went outside and noticed embers rising from the rear of
the building. Our fire wood stack had been set a fire. By the time I got there it was to far along. Took the
fire dept a half hour to arrive and that was the end of that.

In the building was a pickup, 5th wheel camper, mower, diesel tractor w/ loader, backhoe and several implements (bushhog
box scraper, rear blade etc...) many tools, welder and on and on plus 30 years of memories. The fire
was so hot that nothing survived. I didn't even have a shovel and wheel barrel to fill the hole left when
a fire truck got stuck in the yard. The fire never got to the camper but was so hot we witnessed it
erupt. With the grand kids getting older and considering I haven't flown the Quickie in about 2 years and now
not sure when or if I'll fly it anytime soon I would like to see if anyone might be interested in it.

It is currently out of annual and was not made trailerable (fuselage cut) when I built it.
Many know of the bird it is Onan P220 powered N494K.

If anyone might be interested in it let me know and if the price is in the area I would like
I will consider selling it.

Keith Welsh

From: Clive
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 2010 5:41 AM
Subject: [Q-LIST] Re: Q-List Rules?

Hi you guys

Live and let live, brilliant.
In this day and age we are all over-regulated world wide unless we want to live in a dictatorship.... I think not?
There is a wealth of info - chit chat and sometimes a bit of stupidity/naiveté. Anyone lucky enough to have a Q, has a great plane, some people on the list aspire to join our band, we need a little involvement from every one, and a nudge now and then.


--- In, Brad Walker <bwalker@...> wrote:

Very true..

If a post starts to wander from what is acceptable, a friendly reminder
usually gets people back on track. In this world we live in, it's nice to
not have so many rules sometimes..

-brad w.

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 8:09 PM, Allan Farr <afarr@...> wrote:

In my opinion the Q-List is getting very quiet and is in danger of dying.
One of the main reasons for this is all the rules. Let people (within
reason) post what they want - let the list "live" for better or for worst.

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