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Hi Mick,
I can only answer some of your questions since I fly a Tri-Q2.
Trim should be neutral (you didn't say if you have reflexor or T-tail, but if T-tail, it should be horizontal) for take-off.  If reflexor, maybe the reflexor guys can chime in.
Stick should be neutral as well for take-off and when you hit 70-75 MPH you can pull back a bit on the stick to ease her off the runway.  I found I have to pick my Tri-Q2 off the runway and it won't leave until I hit about 80 MPH.  Be ready with rudder in puts as soon as you lift off.  Mine tries to go left a bit as soon as I lift off.
My take off roll is about 1500' and is mostly due to the Tri-Q2's unwillingness to fly until I hit that magic 80 MPH.  My taildragger Q2 used to levitate off the runway at 75 MPH, but this is definitely different with the Tri-Q2.
Good luck with your taxi tests.  I would keep speeds low until you feel comfortable with your airplane.  A long runway (5000'+) is a definite asset.

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Mick, I'm sure the guys that are currently flying could guide you better, since it's been almost 20 yrs since I flew the Tri-Q. That being said, I don't think I would hold "full aft stick" for taxi runs or first flights. You might get a surprise. (if you were flying a "normal" plane, would you take off at full aft stick?)

just about to fly a Tri Q200. 58x68 prop. What should the static rpm be?
What take off roll distance should I expect?
Should I hold the stick fully back or only partially for take off?
What trim settings should I use?
Mick Davies

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