Re: Turbo Q2 knowledge base

Larry Severson

I have a Q2 project and would like to learn about Turbo choices,
opinions, shortcomings, advantages, costs, maintenance, reliability,
failure modality, and viable alternative to RayJay original or sources
for RayJay.
BAD: Controlling engine and oil temp is a real problem with the turbo in front of cylinder 2. I have gone through a number of changes in an attempt to control the problem. I hope to have the plane back in the air next week with my latest fix.

Good: At 8,000 feet, the engine will have more power than the O-200.

BAD: Unfortunately, to effectively use that power, you need an inflight adjustable prop.

Good: High altitude airports become a piece of cake, no matter what type of prop.

As far as maintaining the Rayjay goes, there is a turbo shop in Orange, Ca that has all of the parts and does maintenance. There prices were lower than I expected when I had a problem.

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