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Phil------------ I have a turbo on my 1800 cc Subaru Dragonfly. As was mentioned earlier it generates alot of heat. Fortunatly my engine is water cooled and so is the turbo. I run an ISHI turbocharger and it will give me 10 lbs of boost when needed, although I try to not go past 7 if I can help it. On my engine I use the stock normally aspirated pistons and then use the boost for takeoff and showing off.
The ISHI turbo also comes in a non water cooled model and I have also seen where VW guys have taken the water cooled turbo and used it on an aircooled engine, using oil for cooling.
I also use a manually controlled waste gate that I feel is a must have option.
On takeoff I put the throttle full forward and then grab the boost control and dial in the hp and rpm I want. Works for me---------------
Canada Chris

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