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Chris Rayner <chris-rayner@...>

Hi Mick, I didn't realise you are Northamptonshire; which Tri-Q do you have?
Please heed the advice re: runway length for first flights. Mine Q and
several others are at Enstone which is not far from you and more than
2000yards. Most of the time you don't need that much, but sometimes you do.
Call me on 01367 820231 if you want to talk....


Chris Rayner (Q-200)

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Mick Davies
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Many thanks guys.
I am in Northamptonshire, England.
It would be great to get some experience first but there are so few Tri Qs
The runway is 800m (2660') long concrete.
Having flown a Long EZ (which was heavier but had O-235 108hp engine) it
seemed to get airborne about 60kts.
I got to 65kts with 400m used and it didn't seem to want to fly but I guess
I chickened too early!
The prop is quite coarse at 58x68.

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From: Jim D
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Mike, I had a TRI-Q with a C-85 and reflexers that I flew for over 900 hours
On take off with just myself, no extra fuel,bagage or a passenger I would
reflex the ailerons up 1/8 to 1/4 inch. The elevator trim to neutral and
hold slight forward pressure on the stick until 85 mph. At 85 start
releasing forward pressure and give it back pressure and allow it to fly
off. Once at pattern alt adjust trim as necessary. Each plane is different
due to builder adjustments and mods so-----Y'al be careful out there ya

Jim Doyle

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From: Mick Davies
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just about to fly a Tri Q200. 58x68 prop. What should the static rpm be?
What take off roll distance should I expect?
Should I hold the stick fully back or only partially for take off?
What trim settings should I use?
Mick Davies

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Subject: [Q-LIST] "Old" new guy-lurker

Hi there, I'm one of the "early" Q guys, having built/flown a QuickieQ1 in
1979. I later rebuilt/converted a wrecked Q2 into a Tri-Q C85, then co-owned

a Q200 for several years.
I don't fly anymore, but have some Q parts that I would like to sell.
a partial listing would be a complete/running/flown Onan 18 with the "20 hp"

heads, spare heads/parts for another Onan, a prop hub for same, prop, many
different belcrank weldments, reflexor, etc, all used of course (none of
which ever got higher than 10,000 feet).
I also have 3 cowlings, one O-200, one revmaster, and one that was used with

a C85.
also -O-200 magneto, was tagged, but lost the tag
also elt, Narco com120, xpndr, a propellor duplicator, with a solid maple
blank for Q200, epoxy pump, etc, a lot of "stuff".

Let me know what you need, I may have it.



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