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Larry Severson

Based on David Gall's lurk, I googled "insulated foam warehouses". I got as a source. I contacted them and was told that
they can not only supply what you need, but can also supply the foam pre
cut to shapes when they have CAD templates. Their minimum order is $250.
However, a billet of 2 lb EPS foam that was 8x30x48 inches would cost
$30. Direct contact is at * (410) 825-8300 or by email at
sales@... <mailto:sales@...>.*

I have been stymied for over a year until the DG post. Thank you.

On 6/18/2010 11:07 AM, davidjgall wrote:


I got mine from the local insulation supply warehouse. The blue foam
is Dow Styrofoam (large cell). I asked for taxidermy billets, got 8" x
16" x 108", coulda got bigger if I wanted them. The urethane foam is
sawn to order from a giant block, I got 1" x 48" x 96" sheets. The
Quickie plans (Q1) call for 2.0 pcf (pound per cubic foot) but they
also can supply 1.8 pcf and 1.6 pcf with almost the same physical
strength properties, if you wanna save weight.

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