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I've used mineral spirits to remove both Duct tape and that yellow painters tape residue. I've also used it to wipe down things prior to painting so that is the way to go in my opinion.
Mike Q200 N3QP.

Paul S wrote:

The old standard, WD40, works but not the best choice for something that you will want to paint and use epoxy on so scraping and sanding would be my next choice :( .

I have been working on short landing so I can come into Mack Mesa and I have them down to 2000' with calm wind so I should be able to make it.


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I WOULD NOT use MEK. My experience is that it will eat just about anything. Used to clean paint guns ect..I would not use Acetone either. Mineral sprits or lighter fluid would be a good place to start.

Steve Ham

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Hi Guys,

I have just unearthed my long-stored tail cone sections and I had long ago
cut, fit, and joined "temporarily" with duct tape. I have just removed the
tape and the predictable stickum is left there. I am looking for a safe way
to remove the stickum without damaging the shell layups or the urethane foam
underneath. Any good ideas before I try something wicked like MEK?


Jay Scheevel - Tri-Q, still building


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