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If an issue was worth posting it must be worth researching, instead we got a one
liner posing the hazards, but no research to back it up. On top of it all,
someone else is suppose to do the research job.

Let me pose a few others, on the same theme, that follows the same line of

Epoxy will eventually deteriorate, it will make a hell of a hillarious flight
when the wings comes off....but I let you do the research.

All wood props will eventually disintegrate in a poff, you better have a freeway
clear of cars when that happens,....if your engine still is there,.....but I let
you do the research.

So here we have knowledge based only on 5 seconds snippets from newsmedia
regarding batteries, as the basis for an opinion about a possible  in flight
disaster, ande posed as a fact.

Not to mention that this was an issue with the first generation LitIon
batteries, not to mention that this was another set of batteries for small
electronic appliances, not to mention that the supplier and the manufacturing
technique was looked over and corrected, not to mention that bigger units are in
use daily, with no ill effects, and so on.

The only result such an approach will do is......just by the fact that it is
posed as a danger, and then leave the board with a one liner, may very well
inprint on the general flight community the idea that Lithium Ion batteries WILL
mean an inflight fire, and some may based on that statement, very well not
approach the subject,  and Lithium Ion batteries will not be pursued.

Let me turn this around and ask you a question.

Do you still beat your wife?

You see, it doesnt matter what you answer now, you will be wrong either
way, because the idea that you are, or have been beating your wife, is assumed.

I just posed the idea that you are beating your wife, and ran out on it, but
leaving the idea behind.

....just as you left, with posing the idea that in flight fires are coming your
way, if you are using Litium Ion Batteries.

Extraordinatry claims  demands extraordianry proof, so,  while you are not
expected to be an expert on the subject, at least do some basic research  on it
first before you toss out statements of that nature.

If we find that Hydrogen would be a feasible way to power our aircrafts,
....please don't come back with a one liner like......-"Be careful....remember


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I am wondering about the talk of banning lithium batteries from air shipment
due to fire hazard. But I haven't researched the issue, just bringing it up
to encourage someone else to do it for me :-) Having a battery go up in
flames could make for an exciting flight.


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