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David J. Gall


Please refer to Burt Rutan's "Canard Pusher" newsletters, esp. #6, #9, and #35. Also try USAF DATCOM, the electronic version is freely available on the 'net.

I'm glad to see this important issue is finally receiving some attention. I've flown at least one SLSA design that should be grounded on the basis of stick forces and stick-free instability.

How can I get in on this ASTM discussion?

David J. Gall

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I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a source of information regarding forces used on side sticks like we use in the Q's and other home built planes like the BD-5's and EZ's?

Has anyone in this group read any report of actual testing of pitch stick force per "G"? I've found a few old military tests back when they were transitioning to fly by wire side sticks that have some general forces, but the goal of those tests seemed to be more toward finding the best force/degree of stick movement. I'd like to find some real world testing numbers for our type of aircraft, which should be more relevant.

I would like this info so I can properly argue a pending ASTM standard change.

The battery thread sounds like the same one the ASTM has been going through trying to get some workable standards for electric LSA's. It's not going to be easy ...... or quick.
Leon McAtee

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