Re: Jon Finley's "Subar-Sonic" on eBay? (damage)

Allan Farr

I must have missed something - if a photo of my Q was used by someone I would be flattered, not upset.

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I recieved a response this morning too!

Dear 1flyby,

no, i did not know it was copyright protected. i was just trying to
show what mine is suppose to look like when completed. how can u tell that
it's UV compromised. as you can tell i am a novice in these matters. if it's
not an ultralight, what is it? lossing the snitty attitude would go a long
way in helping me properly list this item. thank you

- slyderman-half

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He did reply this morning and here is what was said... "how can you
seeing as it's been stored inside the entire time i've had it. i'm not
saying your wrong, i would just like something more then a blatant
saying i have to post this. thank you for your input.

David Hiatt


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