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Allan Farr

Just out of interest - I presume a glass (warm) aircraft wouldn't be so prone to icing as a metal (cold) one?

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I have been flying my Q2 for thirteen years with no gyro, I do have a 296 now and I am happy with that. The Q's are great airplanes but they will never be an IFR capable aircraft no matter what instruments you put into it. Without a way to get rid of ice on the wings, prop and etc those instruments can lead you into weather conditions the plane can't handle. IMHO

Save the weight and expense buy the 296 and leave off the nav lights too. An off-field landing in a Q at night is not going to be pretty.
Keep it as light as you can with that Revmaster and you will never regret it.


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In other words if I want a artificial horizon I need to go electric or
figure how to hook my vacuum pump up to a revmaster engine. . Darrell
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A GPS does a lot but it's not a gyro. Heading, I agree the GPS is fine
but try a roll and stop inverted and see what the GPS does. Answer...
it will show you as straight and level. One of these days I may get a
safety pilot and see how long I can stay upright with just the GPS.
Yall Be safe out there!

Oh, for the original question. A venturi works ok on a 100 mph drag
bucket, only slows them down a bit but the Q2 has a flat plate area of
1.3 square feet and the venturi will probably cost you 20 mph.

Mike Q200 N3QP
Dynon Distributor... get 7% off retail!

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The Garmin 296 has everything and more that you would get from the old
"steam guage" venturi in one of the heads up displays.
Bruce Crain

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No vacuum instruments in N68DD.
Dave Dugas

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Is anyone on the list with Revmaster engines using a venturi to power
gyros Thanks Darrell


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